THE CHILD WITHIN…in spirit and in service

“Watch a child.  Watch their emotions and how they release them; do they repress them?  Or do they let them loose when they feel like it.  When they let their emotions loose, they REALLY let them loose.  They are full, complete.  In our adult society, thesepriceless wild releases  of emotions are suppressed; even overly happy or joyous emotions are looked upon as mad, silently condemned by the masses.  If Michael Jackson had been just another one of these adults, he would  have been unable to do what he did on stage.  He is still like the child, but no longer simply bound by the moment.  As an adult, he used his conscious mind to direct the fullness.  This is great work…a great ability.  To be able to have the fullness, completeness of a child, yet be able to master it and move it LITTLE GIRL THREEwhere it is the most appropriate.”


Raamayan Ananda

“I have a tree on my property, and lots of times I go up and sit in that tree alone pure love thirteenand I’m peaceful and still and meditate.  And very often, God gives me the creative spark that I need to do the work that I excel in.”

Michael Jackson

“I am Peter Pan in my heart.  I am Peter Pan.  Peter Pan represents everything that children,  magic and wonderment are about.”


The holidays bring with them an opportunity for we who have been schooled in adulthood to, for a brief time, return to the magical and wondrous land of Peter Pan.  We giggle more, as packages are wrapped and treasured gifts hidden from view.  We suddenly find ourselves singing along with every carol that we hear, searching for CDs and radio stations that boast a playlist of carols in constant rotation.  And, although often complaining of the stresses attached to the season, secretly, we are really having fun.  There is an innocence in the Christmas season and our memories of childhood come flooding back.  We find it easier to give to people we have never met, much as an eager child reaches to share a piece of candy.  When the packages have been opened man and childrenon Christmas morning, we play.  And for just a brief moment, we are children again.  It is a wonderful and even familiar feeling.

Is it really a prerequisite of becoming an adult to give up the wonders of childhood and replace them with some seemingly practical and hardened form of “reality”?

“A child  is not aware of its innocence.  He dwells in a state of purity before impurities are manifested.  But soon, the child’s purity and innocence will begin to disappear.  Impurity and ignorance will take their place.  The qualities of wonder and joy,ONE CHILD FOUR imagination and faith that we see in a child are short-lived.”


“The innocence of a child represents to me the source of infinite creativity.  That is the potential of every human being.  But by the time you are  an adult, you’re one childconditioned, you’re conditioned by things about you-and it goes. That’s the problem with adults…they lose that childlike quality.”

Michael Jackson

The amazing thing is that along with his messages, he modeled childlike innocence in every aspect of his own life.  A return to our inner child offers our children the gift of PURE LOVE EIGHTbeing better parents, better relatives, better friends and a better world.  “Deep inside you know it’s true.  Just find that child, it’s hiding in you.”  MJ  Michael reminded us that our children are our future…without them, mankind would become extinct.  That extinction came at every level.  If WE as adults cannot return to childlike values…this planet will become extinct!  Learning to live in harmony, loving with purity and innocence, erasing boundaries, accepting one another unconditionally…the child spirit must lead the way.


Michael JacksonLITTLE GIRL TWO

While visiting an orphanage in Romania, Michael sat on the floor while little children gathered around him…both the children and Michael feeding one another candy treats…a moment that spoke volumes.  Reaching out, loving unconditionally, feeling the pain of others and wanting to find a way to help, will help to heal the world.  What ever the need, wherever the problem, Michael’s words were, “What do you need and how can I help?”  In spirit and in service to all mankind, possessing the innocence of knowing that every step is a step towards solution, Michael showed us how to live time and time again…how to love, time and time again.gorgeous man eleven

December 26, 2004…Megathrust earthquake and tsunami disaster, 230,000 people killed in 14 countries.

“My family and I would like to send our prayers and heartfelt sympathy to the families, friends and loved ones of those who recently perished from the horrific earthquake and tsunami which swept through Indonesia, Asia, India, Somalia and other countries.  Our love is also being sent to those who have miraculously survived this tragedy and those who are so courageously on site helping to spearhead the relief efforts.  We pray for your strength, your safety and success of your life-saving missions of love.  Words cannot adequately express the shock, horror and grief we’ve felt while watching the news reports which have captured the massive devastation and despair.  It has beenONE CHILD THREE especially painful for me, as I have visited these areas many times and remember the love, kindness and warmth of the people I met there.  I would encourage all my friends and fans to contribute to agencies and organizations assisting in these efforts.  In times like these, we need each other…we must bond together in spirit and in service.  God Bless.

Michael Jackson

“If you still have promises to keep,  just take that plunge, take that leap.”  BE STILL MY HEART TODAY EIGHTMJ…Returning to the child within, doing it every day, not just at the holiday, gives us a bond of innocent, human strength.  That bond empowers us in spirit and in service to one another.  We can return to a time when we loved fairy tales and magic…giving life to our creativity…maybe even finding our own GIVING TREE in which to sit and receive God’s power.  What we have learned from Michael will allow our children their childhood…and, wondrously, give us back our own.



TO BLISS I RETURNhelping hands

THANK YOU, MICHAEL…for showing us how to live, how to love and  how to embrace our childlike innocence.








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