“Good Evening, children and Merry Christmas. 

When I create music I always hope that my music will give joy to many people.  If that happens, I am very happy.  Giving joy makes one happy.  Unfortunately, there are many children that are not happy, in Germany and in other countries. manly During Christmas, this is especially hard for those children because it is on Christmas when they see what they miss.  For some it may be just a small present.  For some it may be a warm meal.  For some it may be a family.  For some it may be just a little bit of love.  That is why I need you!  I need your help!  Let us work together and  help those children.  Let us reach out to those who are alone.  Let us tell them:  ‘You are not alone.’  This year it is I, only I, speaking to you, children in Germany and sending you a few little gifts.  If you help me, then next year, we will do the same, but in many more countries.  We will speak together, maybe we will sing together, and we will cute with tigergive gifts together.  Let us think BIG.  Let us find many people to join our effort…here and all over Europe and then all over the world.  We can do it!  I know we can do it!

To all of the grown-ups, I would like to say this:  To us, so many things seem important.  Sometimes, we think we are important.  We are not important.  Nothing is more important that our children!  They are the future. They can heal innocent manthe world.  It is our obligation to be there for them, to advise them, to motivate them, to help them and to love them.  Let us encourage them to go for their dreams.  And, let us as parents, friends and relatives help them to have good dreams. 

I look forward to the New Year, to working with you children and to create an organization that will help other children.   I promise, I promise you, if you come along, it will make you feel good and you will have so much fun.child in us all

Merry Christmas!  I love you from the bottom of my heart.  I love you!

Michael Jackson

December 2002

Christmas Message for the Children of Germanyyoung man

Children grow in the light and in the shadow, receiving energies both positive and negative.  Their purity and wonder innate to their being, struggle to hold onto innocence as our world imposes its oftentimes tainted “wisdom”.  With senses alive and magic within, they learn what they live…soaking in both the light and shadow.  Every significant adult influences their beautiful innocence and fantastical dreams.  They arrive in the world INVINCIBLE. Mirroring the adults in their lives, children become what they live.  If they grow in an environment that encourages and appreciates, that is sensitive and caring, ANGEL MICHAEL FOURencouraging, understanding and curious…they take on those characteristics.  When seeing adults giving and sharing, they eagerly do the same.  What, then, are we teaching our children?  Who are they seeing each day and what are we showing?ANGEL MICHAEL FIVE

“But, this wise little girl, being only four, floated above pity and shame like a carefree sparrow.  She took my heart in her hands and made it as weightless as a cotton puff, so that it was impossible for me to even begin to think, ‘What a terrible thing.”  All I saw was light and love.  In their innocence, very young children know themselves to be light and love.  If we will allow them, they can teach us to see ourselves the same way.”

Michael Jackson



I could never get over the amazement I felt whenever Santa came early to our house.  I knew he was a very special person…jut look how he could fit into all sorts of narrow places.  But, to think he would make an early trip to our little apartment every year.  How amazing is that? Our family always spent Christmas Eve at Grandma’s house in a far away family fourtown. December 1st, Mom and I would write our yearly letter to the North Pole asking Santa to visit our little downtown city apartment early on December 23rd.  Not always sure that he would find the time and wanting to show our gratitude for the inconvenience,  we filled a tiny table in the corner of our kitchen with plates of cookies and fudge, a large glass of milk, and, of course, carrots for all the reindeer.  We left the French doors leading to our kitchen wide open for quicker access to all the treats.  Not having a fireplace was a concern…what if he couldn’t get in?  When the time finally arrived, sleeping through the night was nearly impossible.  I kept hearing noises, creaks and bumps.  Could it be the reindeer?  Finally, morning came and I was the first one up.  I tiptoed into the kitchen, my heart beating right out of my chest.  Had Santa come?  And, you know what…HE NEVER LET ME DOWN!babies three Childhood memories inform who we are.  Allowing children the magic and mystery of Santa fills their fertile minds with optimism and gives birth to gratitude.  Home is where our stories begin.  As life evolves, we are influenced by a wider sphere.  Along side this memory of a Santa bringing gifts is another equally strong recollection.  The holiday wasn’t only about receiving.  My mother was an avid eclectic reader, but her taste tended toward the sad…those who were in need.  THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL by Han Christian Anderson is a story of  a homeless child.  She is abandoned, out in the streets, running from an abusive home.  It is a bitterly cold Christmas Eve.  The only thing she possesses to keep her warm is a box of matches which she has been sent out into the cold to sell.  Instead, she lights one after another, light giving way to her dreams of magical family celebrations.  The ending is poignant, its message layered.  It was my mother’s way of reminding me to appreciate what I had, and to think about those in need.  Lessons that build character and inform a world view.angel man eight I am reminded of Michael and his three beautiful children singing ALL THE LOST CHILDREN together.  Michael created this piece to be sung by children FOR children.  It is a prayer for the most vulnerable and singing it with his own children allowed them to feel its value and importance.  Giving children wings to fly while grounding them with hopeful realities offered Paris, Prince and Blanket a foundation from which to grow strong and empowered.  They were set free to go for their dreams and he was there with them to guide them toward good dreams.little children

“Michael Jackson was never as actively engaged on behalf of children’s rights as he was in the years leading up to INVINCIBLE.  He worked with a range of people, including Nelson Mandela and Rabbi Shmuley Beteach, to raise funds and political will; he worked on a book about the importance of parenting with unconditional  love, he gave a well-received speech at Oxford University calling for a renewed focus on reversing disturbing trends of neglect, abuse and hyper-socialization.”


Adults soon discover that the teachings of our children directly link us to the future, giving solutions that must be accomplished if we are to save our planet.  Looking within, allowing the child we once were to reveal an innocence that leads us to the magic and wonder and mystery of life, we can then sing for all the lost children…of every age.  And, in doing so, we are more likely to provide a loving role model, allowing the innocent to have their CHILDHOOD.





Michael Jackson