Magical child once felt a twinge

A faint recollection, a memory unhinged

In the colors, the forms, the hue

There seemed a mystery with a subtle clue

Behind the wind, the storm, the gale

Within the shroud, beyond the veiltoes

Hidden from view in a wondrous pattern

There seemed a force that he could not fathom

Its music and cadence were playful and sweet

He danced in bliss to its throbbing beat

He did not mind either cold or heat

On the mountain high was his royal seatvanity fair two

Strangers came and scorned his joy

With ridicule and banter they tried to destroy

What in their minds was a skillful play

With cruel  darts they tried to plunder

To suffocate and strangle his innocent wonder

Fighting hard despite their blunder

Again and again to steal his thunder

Despite their attacks, they could not break

With all their barbs, they could not take

God’s gift of love, which they could not faketwymmf again three

Not knowing his strength or what he sought to seek

They complained aloud and called him a freak

But the mysterious force just kept its hold

Magical child grew brave and bold

Diving deep into his soul

In exquisite ecstasy  he discovered his role

In his Self was infinite scope

This mysterious force was mankind’s hope

Piercing through that mask of being

In that silence beyond all seeing

Was a field with a different story

A field of power, of awesome glory

With other children, it unfurledsilhouette

Its tidal wave would change the world

Magical child was ready to bow

Sow the seed, pick up the plough

With effortless ease, without a sigh

Without a tear, without a cry

With silent perfection

Under God’s direction

To sing together as one race

Stem the tide, transform this placeroyal brunei two

Magical children, don’t worry how

Don’t delay, this moment’s now.



Michael Jackson


It’s easy to mistake being innocent for being simpleminded or naïve.  We all  want to seem sophisticated;  we all want to seem street-smart.  To be innocent is to be “out of it.”

Yet there is a deep truth in innocence.  A baby looks in his mother’s eyes, and all PERFORMANCE ART THREEhe sees is love.  As innocence fades away, more complicated things take its place.  We think we need to outwit others and scheme to get what we want.  We begin to spend a lot of energy protecting ourselves.  Then life turns into a struggle.  People have no choice but to be street-smart.  How else can they survive?

When you get right down to it, survival means seeing things the way they really are and responding.  It means being open.  And that’s what innocence is.  It’s simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view.  If you are locked into a pattern of thinking and responding, your performancesevencreativity gets blocked.  You miss the freshness and magic of the moment.  Learn to be innocent again, and that freshness never fades.




Michael Jackson


Once there was a child and he was free

Deep inside, he felt the laughter

The mirth and play of nature’s glee

He was not troubled by thoughts of hereafter

Beauty, love was all he’d see

He knew his power was the power of Godso handsome two

He was so sure, they considered him odd

This power of innocence, of compassion, of light

Threatened the priests and created a fright

In endless ways they sought to dismantle

This mysterious force which they could not handle

In endless ways they tried to destroysweetie four

His simple trust, his boundless joy

His invincible armor was a shield of bliss

Nothing could touch it, no venom, no hiss

The child remained in a state of grace

He wasn’t confined in time or place

In Technicolor dreams, he frolicked and played

While acting his part, in Eternity he stayedTHE INNOCENCE OF CHILDREN

Soothsayers came and fortunes were told

Some were vehement, others were bold

In denouncing this child, this perplexing creature

With the rest of the world he shared no feature

Is he real?  He is so strange

His unpredictable nature knows no range

He puzzles us so, is he straight?smile though your heart is aching

What’s his destiny.  What’s his fate?

And while they whispered and conspired

Through endless rumors to get him tired

To kill his wonder, to trample him near

Burn his courage, fuel his fear

The child remained just simple, sincere

All he wanted was the mountain high

Color the clouds, paint the skylove of children

Beyond these boundaries, he wanted to fly

In nature’s scheme, never to die

Don’t stop this child, he’s the father of man

Don’t cross his way, he’s part of the plan

I am that Child, but so are you

You’ve just forgotten, just lost the clue

Inside your heart sits a seer

Between his thoughts, he can hear

A melody simple but wondrously clear

The music of life, so precious, so dearDADDY ELEVEN

If you could for one moment know

This spark of creation, this exquisite glow

You would come and dance with me

Kindle his fire so we could see

All the children of the earth

Weave their magic and give new birth

To a world of freedom with no pain

A world of joy, much more sanepure love two

Deep inside, you know it’s true

Just find that child, it’s hiding in you.