~Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

~He’s not afraid to look into the worst suffering and find the smallest part that’s positive and beautiful.”chosen

Frank Dileo of Michael Jackson

“I tried to teach Michael about the world through documentaries.  One day Michael and I watched a film about the less fortunate children in Africa.  The state of their lives brought us both to tears.  Michael, sympathetic at the age of 14, turned to me and said, ‘One day, Mother, I’m going  to do something about this.how can i help

Several years later, he did.  Michael surprised me on a trip to New York City.  We drove out to the airport hangar.  I witnessed boxes of food and goods and emergency supplies being loaded onto several planes lining the tarmac. I was proud to know that my son followed through on his words.  He was sending aid pure love for childrenfor Africa.  His generosity didn’t stop there.  Donations to charities and years working with disabled children from all walks of life ensued.  Michael would sometimes go out at night and randomly give hundreds of dollars to the homeless people  he encountered.  He valued money far less than he did his goal of making a difference in people’s lives and inspiring the world to change for the better. 


The Katherine Jackson Storysarejevo two

Elizabeth Taylor described Michael as having a heart that gave, expecting nothing in return.  His generosity spanned the width and breadth of this planet and revealed itself in his catalog of artistry, his inexhaustible humanitarian efforts, and the legacy he left behind, which inspires masses of people over half a decade after his passing…all joining a choir which sings in unison and harmonies…PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD to future generations.  “Just when you think you know him, he gives you more.”  Elizabeth Taylor  Believing that his artistry was given to him with the central purpose of bringing healing to a world desperately in need, Michael chose to spend time with the wounded,one child suffering, marginalized and voiceless.  Understanding that children needed their innocent childhood, he also chose to give his own three children opportunities to reach out to those in need…for, we learn what we live.  And, of course, young children represent the purest love there is…giving and unconditional.

Michael’s Heal the World Foundation


This plea for compassion amid the insanity of poverty, violence and prejudice is the central focus of the HEAL THE WORLD FOUNDATION…an organization devoted to improving conditions for children throughout the world.

Founded by Michael Jackson, Heal  the World seeks to assist children through the provisions and coordination of efforts to address the most basic needs:  health care, food, education and more.

HEAL THE WORLD began in September 1992, sponsoring a medical relief ONE CHILD FOURmission to Romania.  The team included a dozen physicians from the U.S. who provided pediatric care to indigent children.  Prior to HTW’s involvement, these youngsters had received little, if any, quality medical attention.

A new playground at Bucharest’s orphanage was dedicated by Michael Jackson on September 30, 1992.  Now, more than 500 abandoned children are able to play at the facility, reclaimed from wasteland.  More  recently, HTW and AmeriCare joined together to airlift a winter gift to the children of Sarajevo, that included blankets,sarejevo medical supplies, clothing and shoes.

When day dawns, each of us has an opportunity to allow our innocent children a chance to do what comes naturally to them…LOVE.  Their love sees no boundaries,  no borders, no color.  It is pure and unconditional.  They know the way…and, we need to get out of their way by creating spaces for them to thrive.

A dear friend of mine gave me the most beautiful Christmas gift this year.  She told meromania of a tradition her daughter-in-law had begun with her two little girls…both toddlers.  Mom would pack individual bags of foods and treats whenever the family was taking a trip in the car.  As they drove through their town, the girls would see homeless people, sometimes families.  Mom would stop the car and the girls would get out and hand the packages to those in need.”PRESENTS FROM MICHAEL

With tears of joy, I began to comprehend the layers of love…not only were the little girls allowed to give of their innocent and generous heart, but, there was a communion of spirit in the physical act of handing over the packages…a human bond, fearless…revealing a connection between all human beings.  “Prejudice is ignorance.”  Michael Jackson  And, prejudice and fear are learned behaviors. In their innocence, children are allowed to be free, and, with that freedom, they take flight into respectful adults who harbor no judgments.



Let us help our children:  “…dream of a tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.”

Michael Jackson

The lessons learned from Michael Jackson offer us opportunities to be better human beings.  As we learn them, we comprehend the innocent hearts of children…and, in doing that, we rediscover the child hiding in us all.  Giving the best of us to our children comes from reinventing the magic, wonder and mystery of our inner child.  We are then chosen to offer our children a better world with opportunities to LOVE ONE HEALING HANDANOTHER.


Thank you, Michael…for showing us how to love.



Michael Jackson

THE CHILD WITHIN…in spirit and in service

“Watch a child.  Watch their emotions and how they release them; do they repress them?  Or do they let them loose when they feel like it.  When they let their emotions loose, they REALLY let them loose.  They are full, complete.  In our adult society, thesepriceless wild releases  of emotions are suppressed; even overly happy or joyous emotions are looked upon as mad, silently condemned by the masses.  If Michael Jackson had been just another one of these adults, he would  have been unable to do what he did on stage.  He is still like the child, but no longer simply bound by the moment.  As an adult, he used his conscious mind to direct the fullness.  This is great work…a great ability.  To be able to have the fullness, completeness of a child, yet be able to master it and move it LITTLE GIRL THREEwhere it is the most appropriate.”


Raamayan Ananda

“I have a tree on my property, and lots of times I go up and sit in that tree alone pure love thirteenand I’m peaceful and still and meditate.  And very often, God gives me the creative spark that I need to do the work that I excel in.”

Michael Jackson

“I am Peter Pan in my heart.  I am Peter Pan.  Peter Pan represents everything that children,  magic and wonderment are about.”


The holidays bring with them an opportunity for we who have been schooled in adulthood to, for a brief time, return to the magical and wondrous land of Peter Pan.  We giggle more, as packages are wrapped and treasured gifts hidden from view.  We suddenly find ourselves singing along with every carol that we hear, searching for CDs and radio stations that boast a playlist of carols in constant rotation.  And, although often complaining of the stresses attached to the season, secretly, we are really having fun.  There is an innocence in the Christmas season and our memories of childhood come flooding back.  We find it easier to give to people we have never met, much as an eager child reaches to share a piece of candy.  When the packages have been opened man and childrenon Christmas morning, we play.  And for just a brief moment, we are children again.  It is a wonderful and even familiar feeling.

Is it really a prerequisite of becoming an adult to give up the wonders of childhood and replace them with some seemingly practical and hardened form of “reality”?

“A child  is not aware of its innocence.  He dwells in a state of purity before impurities are manifested.  But soon, the child’s purity and innocence will begin to disappear.  Impurity and ignorance will take their place.  The qualities of wonder and joy,ONE CHILD FOUR imagination and faith that we see in a child are short-lived.”


“The innocence of a child represents to me the source of infinite creativity.  That is the potential of every human being.  But by the time you are  an adult, you’re one childconditioned, you’re conditioned by things about you-and it goes. That’s the problem with adults…they lose that childlike quality.”

Michael Jackson

The amazing thing is that along with his messages, he modeled childlike innocence in every aspect of his own life.  A return to our inner child offers our children the gift of PURE LOVE EIGHTbeing better parents, better relatives, better friends and a better world.  “Deep inside you know it’s true.  Just find that child, it’s hiding in you.”  MJ  Michael reminded us that our children are our future…without them, mankind would become extinct.  That extinction came at every level.  If WE as adults cannot return to childlike values…this planet will become extinct!  Learning to live in harmony, loving with purity and innocence, erasing boundaries, accepting one another unconditionally…the child spirit must lead the way.


Michael JacksonLITTLE GIRL TWO

While visiting an orphanage in Romania, Michael sat on the floor while little children gathered around him…both the children and Michael feeding one another candy treats…a moment that spoke volumes.  Reaching out, loving unconditionally, feeling the pain of others and wanting to find a way to help, will help to heal the world.  What ever the need, wherever the problem, Michael’s words were, “What do you need and how can I help?”  In spirit and in service to all mankind, possessing the innocence of knowing that every step is a step towards solution, Michael showed us how to live time and time again…how to love, time and time again.gorgeous man eleven

December 26, 2004…Megathrust earthquake and tsunami disaster, 230,000 people killed in 14 countries.

“My family and I would like to send our prayers and heartfelt sympathy to the families, friends and loved ones of those who recently perished from the horrific earthquake and tsunami which swept through Indonesia, Asia, India, Somalia and other countries.  Our love is also being sent to those who have miraculously survived this tragedy and those who are so courageously on site helping to spearhead the relief efforts.  We pray for your strength, your safety and success of your life-saving missions of love.  Words cannot adequately express the shock, horror and grief we’ve felt while watching the news reports which have captured the massive devastation and despair.  It has beenONE CHILD THREE especially painful for me, as I have visited these areas many times and remember the love, kindness and warmth of the people I met there.  I would encourage all my friends and fans to contribute to agencies and organizations assisting in these efforts.  In times like these, we need each other…we must bond together in spirit and in service.  God Bless.

Michael Jackson

“If you still have promises to keep,  just take that plunge, take that leap.”  BE STILL MY HEART TODAY EIGHTMJ…Returning to the child within, doing it every day, not just at the holiday, gives us a bond of innocent, human strength.  That bond empowers us in spirit and in service to one another.  We can return to a time when we loved fairy tales and magic…giving life to our creativity…maybe even finding our own GIVING TREE in which to sit and receive God’s power.  What we have learned from Michael will allow our children their childhood…and, wondrously, give us back our own.



TO BLISS I RETURNhelping hands

THANK YOU, MICHAEL…for showing us how to live, how to love and  how to embrace our childlike innocence.









On August 24th and 25th of 1992, Michael’s dream to bring children together in an effort to listen and gain from their innocent wisdom came true.  The first HEAL THE WORLD EUROPEAN CHILDREN’S CONGRESS took place at the Regent’s College in London with 84 children, aged from 8 to 16.  While there, the children had an opportunity to book from heavenexpress their views on the world’s biggest problems and solutions as they saw them from their innocent and youthful perspective.

April 18-20, 1995, Michael Jackson welcomed 46 youngsters from 17 countries to Neverland Valley Ranch for the second World’s Children’s Congress, which involved a three-day series of seminars and workshops focused on listening to children’s innocent wisdom and their solutions for world healing.unimaginable love

Michael’s original message…

“Children are the world’s foremost idealists and optimists.  It is for that reason that HEAL THE WORLD is organizing the World’s Children’s Congress next year…made up exclusively of delegates aged 8-16.  The world desperately needs their innocent perspective on the world’s problems.”love is important


Michael Jackson was very clear about his desire to give a voice to the voiceless…the children.  He did that with his voice through his music and his global humanitarian efforts.  And then, he took it to its logical next step…offering children the opportunity to be heard.  What we need to learn from children isn’t childish.  Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life, which is everpresent and only asks to be lived.  Now when the world is so confused and its problems so complicated, I feel we need our children more than ever.  Their natural wisdom book from heaven twopoints the way to solutions that lie, waiting to be recognized, within our own hearts.”  DANCING THE DREAM  “Children”  MichaelHeaven six Jackson 

“The HEAL YOUR WORLD FOR CHILDREN book began with Michael’s plan to meet with children from around the world for the purpose of listening and sharing their ideas.  He always believed  that children and youth of the world would be wonderful resources of wisdom.  Their ideas and loving actions will heal the world.  In Michael’s words about children, “Children show me in their playful smiles, the divine in everyone…”  he seems to be reminding us that children’s world views are closest to the wisdom of our divine nature.  Michael continued, “This simple goodness shines straight from theirgiving all two hearts and only asks to be loved.”  If all the heartache, pain, suffering, war and rage in the world can be ended, it will be ended with love.  There is no other way.  Children know this until they are taught to forget or ignore the deepest knowledge in their hearts.  This is the premise of HEAL YOUR WORLD FOR CHILDREN.”

Author Heaven LeighPURE LOVE SIX

A children’s book written by children, illustrated by children…for the children of the world.  Heaven has created a book that follows Michael’s heart and dreams…giving voice to the greatest wisdom on the planet…OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES.

Who but a child can remember who we are?

Who but a child can forgive what we’ve become?CHARITY THREE

It is all too easy to grow old and full of fear

To lose your hope

The greatest good is to be in purest form

Be the child of wisdom

Be the child of learning

Be the child of hope

Be the child of healinginnocence three

Be the strong passionate

Celebration of humanity

Be the child

Heaven Leigh


~all of the author’s royalties are donated to children’s charitiesbook from heaven three

~in the month of December the proceeds go to World Child Cancer and are matched by the WCC board through December 31, 2014

As we listen to the VOICES OF THE INNOCENTS may we rediscover our lost innocence and truly know its wisdom.

My great appreciation to Heaven Leigh and all the children who created this precious book.  It is a true reflection of Michael Jackson’s heart.book from heaven

(“I send so very much gratitude to Michael’s friend, world renowned artist David Nordahl, who was amazingly kind and generous in blessing the book cover with his painting The Storyteller.  Heaven Leigh)

Thank you, Heaven.

Thank you to all the precious children.

I love you all!




“Good Evening, children and Merry Christmas. 

When I create music I always hope that my music will give joy to many people.  If that happens, I am very happy.  Giving joy makes one happy.  Unfortunately, there are many children that are not happy, in Germany and in other countries. manly During Christmas, this is especially hard for those children because it is on Christmas when they see what they miss.  For some it may be just a small present.  For some it may be a warm meal.  For some it may be a family.  For some it may be just a little bit of love.  That is why I need you!  I need your help!  Let us work together and  help those children.  Let us reach out to those who are alone.  Let us tell them:  ‘You are not alone.’  This year it is I, only I, speaking to you, children in Germany and sending you a few little gifts.  If you help me, then next year, we will do the same, but in many more countries.  We will speak together, maybe we will sing together, and we will cute with tigergive gifts together.  Let us think BIG.  Let us find many people to join our effort…here and all over Europe and then all over the world.  We can do it!  I know we can do it!

To all of the grown-ups, I would like to say this:  To us, so many things seem important.  Sometimes, we think we are important.  We are not important.  Nothing is more important that our children!  They are the future. They can heal innocent manthe world.  It is our obligation to be there for them, to advise them, to motivate them, to help them and to love them.  Let us encourage them to go for their dreams.  And, let us as parents, friends and relatives help them to have good dreams. 

I look forward to the New Year, to working with you children and to create an organization that will help other children.   I promise, I promise you, if you come along, it will make you feel good and you will have so much fun.child in us all

Merry Christmas!  I love you from the bottom of my heart.  I love you!

Michael Jackson

December 2002

Christmas Message for the Children of Germanyyoung man

Children grow in the light and in the shadow, receiving energies both positive and negative.  Their purity and wonder innate to their being, struggle to hold onto innocence as our world imposes its oftentimes tainted “wisdom”.  With senses alive and magic within, they learn what they live…soaking in both the light and shadow.  Every significant adult influences their beautiful innocence and fantastical dreams.  They arrive in the world INVINCIBLE. Mirroring the adults in their lives, children become what they live.  If they grow in an environment that encourages and appreciates, that is sensitive and caring, ANGEL MICHAEL FOURencouraging, understanding and curious…they take on those characteristics.  When seeing adults giving and sharing, they eagerly do the same.  What, then, are we teaching our children?  Who are they seeing each day and what are we showing?ANGEL MICHAEL FIVE

“But, this wise little girl, being only four, floated above pity and shame like a carefree sparrow.  She took my heart in her hands and made it as weightless as a cotton puff, so that it was impossible for me to even begin to think, ‘What a terrible thing.”  All I saw was light and love.  In their innocence, very young children know themselves to be light and love.  If we will allow them, they can teach us to see ourselves the same way.”

Michael Jackson



I could never get over the amazement I felt whenever Santa came early to our house.  I knew he was a very special person…jut look how he could fit into all sorts of narrow places.  But, to think he would make an early trip to our little apartment every year.  How amazing is that? Our family always spent Christmas Eve at Grandma’s house in a far away family fourtown. December 1st, Mom and I would write our yearly letter to the North Pole asking Santa to visit our little downtown city apartment early on December 23rd.  Not always sure that he would find the time and wanting to show our gratitude for the inconvenience,  we filled a tiny table in the corner of our kitchen with plates of cookies and fudge, a large glass of milk, and, of course, carrots for all the reindeer.  We left the French doors leading to our kitchen wide open for quicker access to all the treats.  Not having a fireplace was a concern…what if he couldn’t get in?  When the time finally arrived, sleeping through the night was nearly impossible.  I kept hearing noises, creaks and bumps.  Could it be the reindeer?  Finally, morning came and I was the first one up.  I tiptoed into the kitchen, my heart beating right out of my chest.  Had Santa come?  And, you know what…HE NEVER LET ME DOWN!babies three Childhood memories inform who we are.  Allowing children the magic and mystery of Santa fills their fertile minds with optimism and gives birth to gratitude.  Home is where our stories begin.  As life evolves, we are influenced by a wider sphere.  Along side this memory of a Santa bringing gifts is another equally strong recollection.  The holiday wasn’t only about receiving.  My mother was an avid eclectic reader, but her taste tended toward the sad…those who were in need.  THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL by Han Christian Anderson is a story of  a homeless child.  She is abandoned, out in the streets, running from an abusive home.  It is a bitterly cold Christmas Eve.  The only thing she possesses to keep her warm is a box of matches which she has been sent out into the cold to sell.  Instead, she lights one after another, light giving way to her dreams of magical family celebrations.  The ending is poignant, its message layered.  It was my mother’s way of reminding me to appreciate what I had, and to think about those in need.  Lessons that build character and inform a world view.angel man eight I am reminded of Michael and his three beautiful children singing ALL THE LOST CHILDREN together.  Michael created this piece to be sung by children FOR children.  It is a prayer for the most vulnerable and singing it with his own children allowed them to feel its value and importance.  Giving children wings to fly while grounding them with hopeful realities offered Paris, Prince and Blanket a foundation from which to grow strong and empowered.  They were set free to go for their dreams and he was there with them to guide them toward good dreams.little children

“Michael Jackson was never as actively engaged on behalf of children’s rights as he was in the years leading up to INVINCIBLE.  He worked with a range of people, including Nelson Mandela and Rabbi Shmuley Beteach, to raise funds and political will; he worked on a book about the importance of parenting with unconditional  love, he gave a well-received speech at Oxford University calling for a renewed focus on reversing disturbing trends of neglect, abuse and hyper-socialization.”


Adults soon discover that the teachings of our children directly link us to the future, giving solutions that must be accomplished if we are to save our planet.  Looking within, allowing the child we once were to reveal an innocence that leads us to the magic and wonder and mystery of life, we can then sing for all the lost children…of every age.  And, in doing so, we are more likely to provide a loving role model, allowing the innocent to have their CHILDHOOD.





Michael Jackson











Magical child once felt a twinge

A faint recollection, a memory unhinged

In the colors, the forms, the hue

There seemed a mystery with a subtle clue

Behind the wind, the storm, the gale

Within the shroud, beyond the veiltoes

Hidden from view in a wondrous pattern

There seemed a force that he could not fathom

Its music and cadence were playful and sweet

He danced in bliss to its throbbing beat

He did not mind either cold or heat

On the mountain high was his royal seatvanity fair two

Strangers came and scorned his joy

With ridicule and banter they tried to destroy

What in their minds was a skillful play

With cruel  darts they tried to plunder

To suffocate and strangle his innocent wonder

Fighting hard despite their blunder

Again and again to steal his thunder

Despite their attacks, they could not break

With all their barbs, they could not take

God’s gift of love, which they could not faketwymmf again three

Not knowing his strength or what he sought to seek

They complained aloud and called him a freak

But the mysterious force just kept its hold

Magical child grew brave and bold

Diving deep into his soul

In exquisite ecstasy  he discovered his role

In his Self was infinite scope

This mysterious force was mankind’s hope

Piercing through that mask of being

In that silence beyond all seeing

Was a field with a different story

A field of power, of awesome glory

With other children, it unfurledsilhouette

Its tidal wave would change the world

Magical child was ready to bow

Sow the seed, pick up the plough

With effortless ease, without a sigh

Without a tear, without a cry

With silent perfection

Under God’s direction

To sing together as one race

Stem the tide, transform this placeroyal brunei two

Magical children, don’t worry how

Don’t delay, this moment’s now.



Michael Jackson


It’s easy to mistake being innocent for being simpleminded or naïve.  We all  want to seem sophisticated;  we all want to seem street-smart.  To be innocent is to be “out of it.”

Yet there is a deep truth in innocence.  A baby looks in his mother’s eyes, and all PERFORMANCE ART THREEhe sees is love.  As innocence fades away, more complicated things take its place.  We think we need to outwit others and scheme to get what we want.  We begin to spend a lot of energy protecting ourselves.  Then life turns into a struggle.  People have no choice but to be street-smart.  How else can they survive?

When you get right down to it, survival means seeing things the way they really are and responding.  It means being open.  And that’s what innocence is.  It’s simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view.  If you are locked into a pattern of thinking and responding, your performancesevencreativity gets blocked.  You miss the freshness and magic of the moment.  Learn to be innocent again, and that freshness never fades.




Michael Jackson


Once there was a child and he was free

Deep inside, he felt the laughter

The mirth and play of nature’s glee

He was not troubled by thoughts of hereafter

Beauty, love was all he’d see

He knew his power was the power of Godso handsome two

He was so sure, they considered him odd

This power of innocence, of compassion, of light

Threatened the priests and created a fright

In endless ways they sought to dismantle

This mysterious force which they could not handle

In endless ways they tried to destroysweetie four

His simple trust, his boundless joy

His invincible armor was a shield of bliss

Nothing could touch it, no venom, no hiss

The child remained in a state of grace

He wasn’t confined in time or place

In Technicolor dreams, he frolicked and played

While acting his part, in Eternity he stayedTHE INNOCENCE OF CHILDREN

Soothsayers came and fortunes were told

Some were vehement, others were bold

In denouncing this child, this perplexing creature

With the rest of the world he shared no feature

Is he real?  He is so strange

His unpredictable nature knows no range

He puzzles us so, is he straight?smile though your heart is aching

What’s his destiny.  What’s his fate?

And while they whispered and conspired

Through endless rumors to get him tired

To kill his wonder, to trample him near

Burn his courage, fuel his fear

The child remained just simple, sincere

All he wanted was the mountain high

Color the clouds, paint the skylove of children

Beyond these boundaries, he wanted to fly

In nature’s scheme, never to die

Don’t stop this child, he’s the father of man

Don’t cross his way, he’s part of the plan

I am that Child, but so are you

You’ve just forgotten, just lost the clue

Inside your heart sits a seer

Between his thoughts, he can hear

A melody simple but wondrously clear

The music of life, so precious, so dearDADDY ELEVEN

If you could for one moment know

This spark of creation, this exquisite glow

You would come and dance with me

Kindle his fire so we could see

All the children of the earth

Weave their magic and give new birth

To a world of freedom with no pain

A world of joy, much more sanepure love two

Deep inside, you know it’s true

Just find that child, it’s hiding in you.