“Today we stand together all around the world, joined in a common purpose, to remake the planet into a haven of joy and understanding and goodness.  No one should have to suffer, especially our children.  This time we must succeed.  This is for the children of the world.”

Michael JacksonLEGACY TODAY

January 31, 1993

~MJL is a charitable organization dedicated to continuing Michael Jackson’s humanitarian legacy, and thereby making the world a better place.  Michael Jackson inspired love and compassion worldwide, through his music and through his tireless humanitarian work on behalf of the suffering and underprivileged.  Join us in this adventure and together we can create a better world~legacy today five

MJL has partnered with Romanian charity Asociatia Faborisa to help fund the renovation and re-furbishing of the Paediatric Ward at the Marius Nasta Hospital in Bucharest.   As many of you already know, Michael did so much work in Romania, from visiting orphanages, to funding a playground, to putting the cost of his Dangerous Tour concert tickets down so that people there could afford to see him.  His Heal the World Foundation spent much time in consultation with a charity called the Romanian Angel Appeal (RAA).  During the RAA’s visits to TB hospitals, they discovered that the only TB hospital that caters to children inBABIES SIX Bucharest is the Paediatric Ward of the Marius Nasta Hospital.  It treats the worst cases of TB in the country.  Yet, the roof is broken and water flows through the walls.  The walls themselves are damp and not at all conducive to the treatment of any lung condition, let alone TB.  Thankfully, Asociatia Faborisa in Bucharest has a partnership agreement with the hospital concerning the renovation of the roof, and they have the same purpose as the Romanian Angel Foundation in rebuilding the entire roof of the hospital, which is happening as we legacy today threespeak.  However, once the roof is complete, Asociatia Faborisa desperately needs help to fun the remaining renovation work, which is considerable.  MJL has thus partnered with them in order to fund the renovation and re-furbishing of at least one ward at the Paediatric Institute of Pneumology Marius Nasta in Bucharest, Romania.  This is the only hospital where all forms of TB are treated on a national level.  Children come for treatment at Marius Nasta from all across the country.

Romania has the highest number of people suffering from TB in the EU.  In 2013, Romanian reported 12,860 new TB cases, 3851 re-treatment cases, and 1136 TB related deaths.  It is clear, therefore, that projects which benefit people affected by TB are desperately needed.legacy today six

This project’s beneficiaries are hospitalized children ages 2-9 months, as well as their parents.  The total number of hospitalized children exceeds 2000 per year.  By offering the Paediatric Institute of Pneumology Marius Nasta the help it needs, countless children for many years to come will go on to benefit from inpatient care without such things as stuffiness, throat irritation,  coughing or wheezing, eye and skin irritation and mould allergies.  In many cases, this will also help shorten the children’s treatment period. 

The total cost to renovate and re-furbish one ward is 4125 Euros (currently 3462 pounds GBP).  This includes all renovation materials and labour costs, as well as a sink for washing babies, a sturdy door, 6 hospital beds, and bedside cabinets.  Once the work is completed, we have permission to erect a renovated in memory plaque in the ward, ensuring that Michael’s light continues to shine for the children in a country he loved so dearly. legacy today four

If you are able to give a little to help provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for children with TB, please join us in giving what you can via Paypal:  hello@michaeljacksonslegacy.org

We look forward to uniting once again to bring Michael’s magic to another part of the world in his memory, and through his precious example.



Michael Jackson

~A special thank you to Mimi O’Garren for her beautiful artistry~


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