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Welcome to MICHAELJACKSON-INNOCENTVOICES.  It is my privilege to continue to share the strength of truth I so strongly believe.  It isn’t difficult to become emotionally excited by Michael Jackson, as hundreds of millions of people have discovered.  His extraordinary charm, power and influence are irresistible, seduction at its finest.  In scope, Michael’s life and legacy are unparalleled, with a vastness that challenges rational thinking.  This rational thinking moves to much higher levels, driven by imagination, creativity and bravery…inspiring growth, changing people’s lives.  Quite WHY TWOsimply, we feel better when spending time with Michael…we joyfully escape, life’s problems dissolving during that time.  Beyond that, we begin to seek new roads, hoping they will lead to solutions for healing.  Being immersed in Michael Jackson empowers.  Armed with our growing freedom, we search for possible ways to use God-given gifts.wdanthree

Writing MICHAELJACKSONCHOSENVOICES was my entry point.  I have been honored and humbled by it.  It continues to provide me with an opportunity to live out my version of the Chinese Proverb:  “If someone shares something of value and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.”  I am privileged in doing that, and try never to take it for granted.super bowl three

Recently, I have felt the need to add another road to this remarkable journey.  Choosing to become educated with the truth about Michael Jackson, one thing becomes very clear.  He believed he was chosen to be the voice for the voiceless.  To that end, he gave every ounce of energy, blood, God-given talent, fame and fortune.  It was an inexhaustible mission encompassing the span of his life.  That work brought with it inspiration for people everywhere.  We often find ourselves asking:  What more can I smile fourgive? 

Michael described music as tapestry…layered like majestic clouds.  The goals he set for himself never lost their child’s heart.  The beauty and intelligence of his creations kept  innocence…the sense of magic, mystery and wonder.  Children were at the center, their  wisdom possessing the answer to all.

Rededicating myself to the wonder of childhood, I begin travels down this new sketch artistroad…MICHAELJACKSON-INNOCENT VOICES…accepting Michael’s love to give it again.

Keep on reaching, do it for me!

Michael Jackson

Through all the research I have been gifted, nearly six decades of it, Michael’s SAVING THE CHILDREN TWOphilosophy for loving children, teaching children, listening to children, learning from children, all point to one conclusion:  Michael and I are kindred spirits.  And so, I realized that this might be an opportunity to layer Michael’s truths, and my truths, in an approach to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD with what he loved the most…children.

INNOCENT VOICES is a collage of the wealth of Michael Jackson gifts and mySAVING THE CHILDREN experience teaching children.  Its intent is both spiritual and practical…hoping to inspire thought, activities, recipes, storytelling, playing to rediscover magic…feeding the child’s body, mind and heart.  It is given with love to children and the child that lives inside us all.  Within our dreams are opportunities (Julia Cameron)…this is my dream. wybt two

Goethe said, “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”  My love for Michael Jackson is forever and always.  That love has shaped my dedication to PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD…for I profoundly believe all that Michael teaches us is necessary to change our world and heal its wounds.  That must begin with our children.TWYMMFTWELVE

And, so, My Dearest Friends…once again, I put my child’s heart on the line.  This time my hope is that it nourishes children of all ages. 

I love you, Jude   


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